T40 AGRAS (3 Pcs Batteries)

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DJI has revolutionised the agricultural industry with the T40 Agras. Featuring support for spraying, spreading, mapping and surveying, the T40 allows you to achieve the ultimate precision in your operations.

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DJI Agras T40 (Ready To Fly Full Set).

The DJI Agras T40 is the new industry standard for agricultural drones. Capable of carrying out a huge range of spraying, spreading, mapping and surveying operations, the T40 is the perfect platform for every agricultural operation. It’s controlled by a fully enhanced remote that features 8-core processing which is capable of mapping 6.67 hectares in just 10 minutes.

This updated model includes a magnetic transmission impeller and dual atomising spray nozzles. That means it’s more effective as a spraying drone, and the increased payload capacity allows for efficient coverage of up to 21.3 acres per hour. Combined with a built-in UHD camera and advanced sensors, the T40 is the ideal tool for people and organisations looking to conduct agricultural operations.


Massive 50kg Payload


The DJI T40 Agras features a coaxial twin rotor design that increases the maximum payload by more than 30% over the previous model. The T40 is capable of carrying up to 50kg of spreading payload or 40kg or spraying load, making it one of the most efficient agricultural drones in the world.

Dual Atomisation Spraying System

Target crops more effectively, reduce waste and improve the efficiency of every flight with the T40’s new 12L/min dual atomisation spraying system. The centrifugal sprinkler ensures even droplet coverage while preventing leaks and avoiding the risk of over-fertilisation.

Magnetic Drive Impeller Pump


The new dual atomisation system is combined with a spray impeller that’s powered by a magnetic transmission. The magnetic drive impeller pump isolates pesticides from the pump. This makes the aircraft corrosion-proof and allows for quick disassembly for easy cleaning before, during and after an operation.

Omnidirectional Obstacle Sensing

Automate spraying and protect your investment with the T40’s omnidirectional obstacle sensing technology. Using an Active Phased Array Radar, the T40 can detect obstacles at distances of up to 50m. This allows the drone to handle intelligent terrain tracking, smooth scaling and avoid every obstacle in its path.

Mapping, Spraying and Spreading Operations

The T40 Agras combines mapping, spraying and spreading into one place, allowing you to perform every operation at once. The drone’s UHD camera and adjustable gimbal can capture every part of your property, and those images can be turned into local maps using the RTK 2 Mobile Station (sold separately).

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