Reach New Heights with Drone Roof Inspections

The roof of a building is one of its most important components. Roofing is responsible for the majority of weatherproofing, and even minor problems can turn into a serious hassle if they’re left unchecked. 

Ease of access is the main challenge when it comes to roof inspections. The dangers that come with climbing across a roof mean it’s a job better left to the professionals. 

However, booking a roof inspection is usually low on the priority list, and any damage could be permanent by the time you look into it. The simple solution is drone roof inspections.

A drone roof inspection is a quick and affordable alternative to traditional methods. They make it simple to protect residential, commercial and industrial structures from damage and plan effective maintenance schedules.

Drone roof inspection

What Is a Drone Roof Inspection?

A drone roof inspection uses an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) to assess the roofing on your building. A drone roof inspection can identify leaks, damage and general deterioration, allowing you to monitor the condition of your structures. This is useful for managing repairs or planning upcoming maintenance.

Drone roof inspections can provide a wide range of data to support any project you have in mind. The versatility of drone platforms means they can be equipped with things like video cameras, thermal imaging sensors, LiDAR and more. This allows the drone operator to capture detailed imagery and other information that can be used to create 3D models and identify potential issues.

When to Order a Drone Roof Inspection

Drone services are some of the most useful tools at your disposal. Whether you’re planning a small-scale construction project or managing an industrial mine site, drones offer unrivalled efficiency. Drone roof inspections are useful in a broad variety of situations and can support:

  • Construction inspections. Drones are the ideal tool for assessing construction and engineering requirements. Whether you need to check workmanship, inspect minor details or provide information for an as-built survey, drones can capture the images, videos and thermal data you need.

  • Damage and weathering assessment. Australia’s harsh environment means structures need regular maintenance. Drone platforms make it easy to assess the roof of large buildings to check for general wear and tear or signs of damage following severe weather events.

  • Leak assessment. Small roof leaks can quickly deteriorate into serious structural damage. By equipping drones with special thermal imaging sensors, we can inspect roofing for signs of leaks and moisture build-up.

  • Drainage assessment. Roof drainage is critical to preventing serious damage. Blocked gutters or overwhelmed drainage channels need to be addressed rapidly. Drone roof inspections allow operators to inspect all drainage solutions and plan any maintenance they require.

  • Solar panel maintenance. Solar panels now cover the roofs of most residential, commercial and industrial properties. These panels are important for efficiency, but they’re difficult to inspect. Thermal imaging drones can not only inspect solar arrays, they can identify broken panels and help plan your maintenance program.

  • Preventative checks. Regular drone roof inspections are a simple and effective way to perform preventative checks. This provides peace of mind and prevents small issues from turning into major repair works.

The Benefits of Working with a Drone Roof Inspection Business

A professional drone roof inspection business can provide services that dramatically improve project planning and delivery. Alongside powerful data and unique insights, drone roof inspections provide a number of key benefits:

  • Safety. Roof inspections were traditionally performed manually. This presented a major safety concern, especially for operations such as mine sites with strict compliance requirements. Drones can access the roof of any building and provide detailed images, videos and other information without placing operators in harm’s way.

  • Cost. The simplicity of drone roof inspections make them a cost-effective solution for every project. Drones can collect large amounts of data in short timeframes. This means the total cost of drone roof inspections is often far more affordable than manual inspections.

  • Accuracy. Modern drone systems provide millimetre-accuracy. This is ideal for supporting construction and engineering projects that rely on precise information.

  • Efficiency. Drone roof inspections are a quick and simple process. They’re one of the most efficient ways to capture data in hard-to-reach places. A short drone flight is all it takes to create detailed 2D or 3D models and identify issues such as leaks or damaged roofing.

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The best way to keep your structures in top condition is with professional drone roof inspections. Drones are a cost and time-effective way to inspect buildings of every size.

If you are ready to plan your maintenance and repair needs, get in touch with Advanced Aerial Solutions today! Advanced Aerial Solutions provides a range of drone services that can help you deliver more successful projects. With state-of-the-art equipment and an experienced team of CASA-certified operators, we can tailor a drone roof inspection for any property.

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The outcome of every drone roof inspection is a comprehensive report.

Reports vary between each job. The items included in a drone roof inspection report are tailored to suit your project. Depending on your needs, this could be data such as general measurements, slope or roof pitch, height, damage reports, thermal inefficiencies and more.

For example, construction verification projects may require simple measurements to determine whether a structure has been built to specification

 On the other hand, a report may include thermal data if you are looking for damaged solar panels or inefficiencies that are causing issues with heating and cooling a structure.

We generally provide drone roof inspection reports that contain images, videos, 3D models and 2D drawings. This gives you all the information you need to make informed decisions. If you need a specific piece of information, our team can generate a report and help you interpret the data.

Commercial drone roof inspections are accurate to within 5mm, depending on the drone platform and the type of sensors being used.

The drones we use to generate our reports can provide millimetre accuracy over large spans. This allows our team to support high-precision construction and engineering projects, as well as to detect small amounts of deformation over time.

Drones measure roofs using LiDAR technology. LiDAR is a type of pulsed laser that can measure distance, height and volume with incredible accuracy and efficiency.

The measurements taken by drones can be translated directly into 3D models and 2D drawings of roofs and other structures. These models can be used to plan maintenance, verify construction work and identify defects.

The data provided by LiDAR sensors is automatically converted into 3D and 2D models using dedicated software. This software reduces the processing time when inspecting roofs. It also makes it easy to compare multiple models of the same roof to detect deformation over time.

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