Deliver data and insights with drone farm mapping.

Advanced Aerial Solutions is powering the future of the agriculture industry with drone farm mapping services. The ideal tool for farm management and maintenance, drone farm mapping supplies data and real world insights that can make all the difference.

Alongside our other drone thermal imaging services, drone farm mapping allows you to take control of your property and deliver better outcomes than ever.

What is Drone Farm Mapping?

Modern agricultural operations are growing. Farms are expanding to meet increasing demand as agriculture activities become more centralised. While this presents unique opportunities to the industry, keeping up with the additional workload requires technological innovations such as drone farm mapping.

As part of our agricultural services (such as drone spraying), Advanced Aerial Solutions offers tailored drone farm mapping services that can play an invaluable role on your farm. Drone farm mapping blends the versatility of RPAs with a variety of imaging equipment and sensors to deliver detailed maps of even the largest properties.

For vast farming operations that span hundreds of hectares across multiple holdings, it’s challenging to capture the details you need. Drone farm mapping provides invaluable resources to help you manage your operation, plan works and improve crop yields with our crop spraying drones.

Drone farm mapping service

Detailed Drone Farm Mapping and Insights

The sheer size of the property is often one of the biggest challenges in farming. When you’re managing hundreds of hectares with a diverse range of crops, staying on top of what’s happening is difficult. Drone farm mapping services are designed to handle the heavy lifting. Whether you need orthographic maps to share with contractors or detailed 3D models for planning, our drones can output powerful results and help you draw real insights.

Our drone services Australia wide provide a complete picture of your operation. For everything from stand counts to irrigation mapping, scouting, project planning and crop monitoring, our detailed maps offer the insights you need. With our advanced DJI drones, we deliver maps and models using a mix of imaging cameras, infrared sensors and LiDAR. This combination allows us to provide information that supports every corner of your business.

Drone Farm Mapping Tailored to Your Operation

A specialised type of aerial mapping, drone farm mapping is tailored to suit the needs of farm managers, employees and operators. Since no two farms are alike, the Advanced Aerial Solutions team will work with you to tailor drone farm mapping services that suit your operation. We use a variety of drone platforms, sensors and payloads to deliver customised solutions and provide data that makes a real difference.

Depending on your needs, we offer drone farm mapping that provides results in a variety of formats, including:

  • Orthographic mapping. Orthomosaic maps stitch together thousands of images taken during a drone flight. These can be used to create highly detailed maps that provide an overview of your operation.

  • Feature identification. Drone farm mapping can be used to quickly and effectively identify field boundaries and the features of your property. From identifying vegetation and structures to monitoring water flow, our drone maps offer the information you need to draw real insights.

  • Crop monitoring. Monitoring crop growth, health and harvesting is much simpler with drone farm mapping. Capable of covering large properties in record time, our drone platforms can deliver the information you need to plan works and maximise yields.

  • 3D terrain models. Whether you’re planning an expansion, a new dam or something else entirely, drone farm mapping can produce detailed 3D models of your property.

Benefits of Drone Farm Mapping

Drones are revolutionising the agriculture industry. The combination of our drone farm mapping and crop spraying services can deliver a few major benefits to your operation:

  • Cost-effective. Drone farm mapping is one of the most affordable ways to draw insights about your operation. Capable of being deployed and retrieved rapidly, drone platforms can provide detailed information in much less time than traditional methods.

  • Increase crop yield. By providing precise information about crop growth and health, drone farm mapping is the ultimate tool for increasing yield. Whether you’re growing grain, vegetables, timber or other agricultural products, Advanced Aerial Solutions can provide the data you need to maximise your outcomes.

  • Manage infrastructure. The expanding size of farms has demanded an increase in automation. To support that, many farms are deploying new infrastructure on a grand scale. Drone farm mapping provides detailed maps and models that can be used to manage existing infrastructure and plan for the future of your operation.

  • Deliver useful data. Much like our drone surveying services, drone farm mapping services can be used to capture any data you need. From crop monitoring to detailed images of your farm, we can unlock new types of data that have the potential to power your business.

Contact Advanced Aerial Solutions for Drone Farm Mapping Services

Drone farm mapping has quickly become an indispensable part of the agriculture industry. Capable of delivering data and providing unique insights, Advanced Aerial Solutions offers drone farm mapping that reduces your costs, improves crop health and delivers greater yields.

To find out more about our tailored drone mapping services, you can contact us online and we’ll get to work on designing a solution for your operation.


Spot inefficiencies & safety issues

Scan for leaks and find sources of energy inefficiencies and exterior issues in your structures. Buildings and structures can be monitored and examined for overheating spots, damaged components, and faulty connections.


Get a broad, efficient overview

Aside from capturing high-resolution images, many thermal imaging drones can also stitch multiple images into an orthomosaic map. This provides both a broad overview of any area and offers more detailed information revealing problem spots as well as the life cycle of specific components for analysis.


Evaluate infrastructure

For the safety of everyone, it’s essential to be able to spot deterioration in public infrastructure. Thermal imaging helps us determine the degree of deterioration in infrastructure like roads and bridges, allowing us to evaluate the overall health of the structures.


Emergency response

Thermal imaging is highly useful in emergency response operations. Drones can spot people even in the darkest areas. So it’s the most efficient way to locate missing persons. Thermal drones can find sources of explosions and wildfires — seeing through smoke and visualising these hotspots from a high distance away.

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