Agriculture Drone Spraying

Agriculture & Crop Spraying Drones

Using drones to spray and monitor crops is a great way to reduce costs and improve yields.

Advanced Aerial Solutions provides,

  • Agriculture and crop spraying services
  • Assistance with purchasing crop spraying drones and training if required
T40 drone spraying a crop field

What is Drone Spraying

Drone platforms like the DJI Agras T30 and T40 are becoming more affordable.

These systems are accessible, economical and ideal for all types of agricultural operations.

They come with integrated spraying and spreading systems that can be used to distribute pesticides, herbicides, fertilisers, seeds and other treatments.

Newer DJI drones are also compatible with automation systems.

That means you can program optimal agriculture agriculture drone spraying paths and automate treatments, allowing you to reduce the amount of time and labour invested into each flight.

If you’re ready to invest in crop spraying drones for your operation, talk to Advanced Aerial Solutions.

We have access to industry-leading drones, cameras and other payloads from DJI, so we can put together a package that suits your spraying, spreading and mapping needs.

Using the best commercial drones designed for spraying, an operator can remotely deliver disease control, pesticides, fertiliser and other treatments to all crops.

Crop spraying drones offer:

Cost-effectiveness – Without the need for full-size aeroplanes, drone spraying is a quick and cost-effective way of protecting your farm.

Disease and pest control – Deliver treatments exactly where they’re needed to protect vulnerable crops.

Increased crop production – Improve production and reduce waste with tailored drone spraying solutions.<

Benefits of Crop Drone Spraying

Whether you want Advanced Aerial to handle your agriculture drone spraying, or you are interested in owning and utilising your own crop spraying drone, there are huge benefits to moving to a drone solution.

  • Unobtrusive – no soil disturbance or compaction
  • No transfer of noxious weeds
  • No crops lost due to heavy machinery
  • Precise dispersal and targeting
  • Cost-effective and efficient applications
  • Reduced spray drift
  • Difficult areas can be accessed easily
  • Can be utilised when the ground is muddy or not suitable for vehicles


This makes a drone solution perfect for large operations or farms that include difficult terrain, such as wineries and tree farms.

Aerial view of a spraying zone in a crop field

How Drone Spraying Works

Drones have advanced rapidly, offering aerial thermal imaging, with the agriculture industry is taking full advantage of the technology. 

Agriculture spraying drones are specifically designed for spreading chemicals and are fitted with liquid storage tanks and spraying nozzles that can carry and disperse liquids like pesticides and disease treatments.

They can also be fitted with spreaders which will evenly spread granular chemicals. While commercial drones carry lower volumes of spraying liquids than larger aircraft, their simple operation and affordability results in a more cost-effective and accurate process overall. 

Crop spraying drones also provide a much safer application method for difficult terrain or in areas helicopters cannot safely operate.


Monitor Crops & Progress

Our drones deliver the best, non-invasive method of capturing crisp images. These enable you to monitor your crops and inspect irrigation equipment on an hourly, daily or weekly basis, and you can take critical action as it’s required.


Create Better Crop Health

This crisp imaging will also allow you to access a detailed view of your land and crops that cannot be seen by the naked eye. In turn, this enables you to enjoy better crop health and greater productivity, leading to better crop health.


Efficient Spraying & Fertilisation

Apart from providing you with valuable plant and environmental data, drones are ideal for significantly more efficient crop spraying. Eliminate costly, labour-intensive manual crop spraying and dusting to add valuable time to your day.

Agriculture Drone Spraying Services

Aerial spraying has been used for decades in the agriculture industry. 

Controlling pests, disease and crop health using spraying drones combine seamlessly with other agricultural drone technology such as aerial surveying.

Integrated with aerial mapping and monitoring technologies, drone spraying services accurately deliver treatment of crops to maximise their yield and prevent the spread of pests and diseases.

In Australia, all operators carrying out agriculture drone spraying and drone farm mapping must be licensed by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority and the relevant State Government department. 

Advanced Aerial Solutions’ drone operators are fully certified to undertake all aerial spraying operations.

Purchase Your Very Own Crop Spraying Drone

Want ongoing cost effective agriculture and crop spraying.
Purchasing a DJI T40 AGRAS drone has a range of benefits.

We can even organise training with our partnered brand in UAV Training Australia (Brisbane & Sydney Only)

Speak with our team today on how your very own crop spraying drone could be the best solution for your ongoing operations.


Drone Crop Spraying FAQ

Depending on the type of drone being used, how much liquid it is carrying and the application rate of the chemical, agricultural spraying drones may be able to cover up to 40 hectares of crops per day.

Drone spraying is highly effective and cost-efficient. Drones can accurately target crops that require treatment, and the downdraft from rotors  reduces drift. Additionally, avoiding the need for heavy machinery reduces soil compaction, which is thought to decrease yields by as much as 50%.

Commercial agriculture drones are capable of carrying payloads of up to 20kg, making them ideal for carrying liquid treatments like pesticides, fertilisers and herbicides.

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