Our Top 5 Picks for the Best Commercial Drones 2023

Commercial drones have found a place in dozens of industries across the world. The technology is evolving quickly, so the best commercial drones 2022 are more powerful than anything that has come before. If you’re starting a business or looking to upgrade your equipment, there has never been a better time to invest in a commercial drone. Here are our top 5 picks for the best commercial drones 2022!

1. DJI Matrice M300 RTK

The Matrice M300 RTK from DJI is the company’s latest generation of commercial drones. A workhorse that’s designed for use in every environment, the M300 RTK is equipped with extensive safety features and mounts for a range of cameras, sensors, spotlights and additional payloads. The M300 RTK is the industry’s benchmark for versatile commercial drones that are capable of performing almost any task.

  • Flight time: Up to 55 minutes.

  • Payload: This commercial drone is compatible with a huge range of cameras, payloads and sensors from DJI and other manufacturers.

  • What it’s used for: The DJI Matrice M300 RTK is ideal for all types of surveying, inspection, mapping and public safety applications.


2. DJI Matrice M30T

Combining the intelligence and versatility of the M300 RTK into a portable, lightweight frame, the DJI Matrice M30T is an all in one commercial drone. The M30T comes with built in cameras and sensors that make it perfect for a wide range of common surveying and inspection tasks. This high performance drone supports live 1080p video transmission and is built tough for use in harsh and remote locations.

  • Flight time: Up to 41 minutes.

  • Payload: The M30T comes with a built-in 12MP wide angle camera, a 48MP zoom camera, thermal imaging and a laser rangefinder.

  • What it’s used for: The DJI Matrice M30T is a portable drone that handles common surveying tasks like mapping, measuring and thermal imaging.


3. DJI Agras T30

The DJI Agras T30 is a purpose-built agricultural drone that can be equipped with a 30 litre spray tank. This makes the T30 perfect for all types of agricultural spraying where it’s capable of covering up to 40 acres per hour. The true strength of the DJI Agras T30 is its intelligent flight capabilities. These allow it to automatically plan and execute spraying routes for maximum efficiency and improved coverage.

  • Flight time: Up to 20.5 minutes.

  • Payload: The T30 is equipped with a 30L tank for spraying pesticides, herbicides and other agricultural treatments.

  • What it’s used for: The DJI Agras T30 is a workhorse drone that’s primarily designed for agricultural spraying.


4. Wingtra One GenII

The Wingtra One GenII is a Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) drone that’s designed to handle long-distance mapping and surveying tasks. The fixed wing design means the Wingtra One GenII can cover large areas quickly and efficiently. It’s compatible with a range of cameras and other payloads that make it ideal for mapping and modelling cities, buildings and large properties with incredible accuracy.

  • Flight time: Up to 59 minutes.

  • Payload: The drone comes with a 42MP mapping camera. It’s also compatible with oblique cameras, lasers and LiDAR sensors to improve mapping capabilities.

  • What it’s used for: The Wingtra One GenII is designed for large-scale and long-range mapping and surveying tasks.


5. Flyability Elios 3

The Flyability Elios 3 has been designed specifically for inaccessible spaces. The Elios 3 is unique among inspection drones thanks to its protective cage. Protecting the drone from knocks and bumps in tight spaces means that it can be reliably used to inspect and map areas that would otherwise be inaccessible, even for humans.

  • Flight time: Up to 12 minutes.

  • Payload: The Elios 3 features built-in LiDAR, spotlights, thermal imaging and a 4K camera. It’s also equipped with a payload bay that can carry an additional sensor.

  • What it’s used for: The Flyability Elios 3 is purpose built for performing inspections in enclosed spaces, such as inside buildings and mines.

How to Choose the Best Commercial Drone

Commercial drones come in dozens of sizes, varieties and capabilities. To ensure you’re getting the best value from your investment, you need to pick a drone that’s matched to your business. When choosing the best commercial drones, there are a few things you need to consider:

  • Application. What do you need the drone to do? What kinds of environments will it be operated in? Does it need to prioritise image quality over flight time? Each application is a bit different, so you need to narrow down your priorities. For example, a surveying drone like the DJI Matrice M300 RTK is incredibly versatile, but it may not be the best choice for mapping mine shafts. When in doubt, talk to your supplier or the drone manufacturer to find out more about usecases for each commercial drone.

  • Payload. Commercial drones are only as useful as the payloads they carry. Some drones come with built-in payloads, while others rely on external payloads. Make sure your commercial drone is compatible with the payloads you need. Manufacturers like DJI have extensive product ecosystems that allow you to mix and match payloads to create the best commercial drone for your business.

  • Budget. Commercial drones typically cost between $10,000 and $30,000. That’s a major investment, but the best commercial drones can easily pay for themselves. Consider how much you want to spend, and don’t forget to factor in the cost of your payloads, sensors and accessories such as additional batteries.

  • Safety features. Commercial drones are a major investment. To protect your drone, operators and bystanders, make sure the drone comes with the safety features you need. Many high-end commercial drones feature sensors that prevent crashes, provide low battery warnings and real-time altitude readings. These all work together to save your commercial drone from unnecessary risks.

Commercial Drone Payloads and Data

Ultimately, the best commercial drone platform is the one that provides the data you need. Some types of commercial drones come pre-equipped with payloads such as cameras and thermal sensors. Other drones are a blank canvas that can be outfitted with whatever equipment you need.

Modern commercial drones are incredibly versatile. There are very few limits on how you can use your drone, but some of the most common types of payloads include:

  • Imaging cameras. Image and video cameras are still some of the most versatile payloads for commercial drones. The best commercial drones 2022 sometimes feature built-in cameras, while others are compatible with external camera systems. Imaging cameras are widely used for taking photos and videos, inspections, mapping and creating orthomosaics.

  • Thermal cameras. Thermal sensors capture infrared data to create heat maps. Thermal cameras are some of the most widely used commercial drone payloads. The data they collect is used in all types of surveying, leak detection, emergency response, solar and power generation work.

  • LiDAR sensors. LiDAR uses lasers to create 3D models of an area. This is useful for things like mapping terrain, but it can also be used for monitoring sites, planning projects and modelling structures.

  • GPS. GPS transceivers are key to providing accurate measurements and location data for mapping, surveying and prospecting.

  • Multispectral sensors. Multispectral sensors collect specific electromagnetic data that is often used to monitor the health of crops in agriculture, forestry and conservation work.

The best commercial drones 2022 should come with support for the payloads your business needs. Brands like DJI are very good about providing universal mounts as well as a branded ecosystem of cameras, sensors and payloads. Before you choose a commercial drone, double check to make sure it’s capable of providing the types of data you’ll need.


Industries that Use the Best Commercial Drones 2022

Drone technology has transformed the way the world works. Many of our biggest and most productive industries now use commercial crop spraying drones to collect data that’s critical to their operations. The use of drones hasn’t just improved the way information is collected, it has also provided huge efficiencies and powerful data to industries like:

  • Mining. Mines use commercial drones extensively for prospecting, inspecting equipment, mapping, volumetric surveying and inspecting mine shafts. Commercial drones greatly improve safety on mine sites and help companies maximise the yield of their mines.

  • Agriculture. Forestry and crop farming both make use of commercial drones for inspecting crops, spraying pesticides and herbicides, and monitoring crop health. Drones like the DJI Agras T30 are specially designed to handle these applications, allowing farmers to avoid the expense of manned aircraft.

  • Surveying. Commercial drones can carry a wide range of cameras and sensors. This makes them ideal for surveying, mapping and inspecting all types of properties and infrastructure.

  • Public safety. Police, firefighters, emergency services and first responders are increasingly using commercial drones for public safety reasons. Using commercial drones significantly reduces the work involved with search and rescue operations, allowing first responders to focus their efforts in the right places.

  • Civil works. Civil industries such as power generation, water treatment and waste management all use commercial drones. Drones can make short work of inspections, and they’re especially useful for enclosed spaces and remote regions.

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