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Advanced Aerial Solutions provides commercial drone services across Australia

We live at the forefront of our industry, meaning we provide safe, efficient and cost-effective drone services to support projects of all types.

Our services range from aerial mapping and aerial surveying to agriculture drone spraying,  and more,

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Our Drone Services

Drone technologies are evolving quickly, and we’re always looking for new ways to put our equipment to use. We currently offer a selection of drone services to support clients in construction, agriculture, mining, surveying and a range of other industries. Whatever your next project requires, we can tailor our solutions to provide powerful, decision-making data.

Full Empowerment
through drone technology

Data has the power to unlock knowledge and provide insights that can transform your operation. Advanced Aerial Solutions provides drone services Australia wide to capture the data you need, empowering you to make smarter decisions. Talk to us today to find out how.

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Why choose Advanced Aerial Solutions

The team at Advanced Aerial Solutions brings decades of aviation experience to each project we take on. We’re always learning, and we’re committed to providing drone services Australia wide that our customers can rely on. When you need data to empower your decisions and inform your next project, choose us as your provider.

Fast turnaround

Drone platforms are a quick and efficient way of collecting data from large structures and expansive areas. The powerful software behind our services allows us to rapidly provide the data, images and sensor information you need.

Cost effective technology

Our drone services are a cost-effective alternative to traditional mapping and surveying methods. Capable of rapidly traversing large areas and difficult terrain, our drones can provide data more affordably than traditional surveying teams.

Experienced pilots

The experienced pilots at Advanced Aerial Solutions have the skills and qualifications to deliver exceptional service. Our pilots are so experienced that many take part in shaping the industry and training the next generation of pilots.

Impressive safety record

Advanced Aerial Solutions always puts safety first. A safe working environment is a productive one, which is why we work to standards that ensure the safety of our team and yours, no matter what type of job we’re providing.

Advanced equipment and software

The services we offer are only as good as the technology we’re using. With our industry evolving so rapidly, we’re always investing in new systems to make sure we’re using the best drone platforms and software available.

Commitment to innovation

Our aim is to deliver the very best in end-to-end drone solutions. That means staying at the forefront of the industry and making a commitment to the continuous innovation of our technology and processes.

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Industries We Work With

Drone technology is evolving quickly, and we’re always finding new ways to put it to use. As professional drone providers, we are always ready to take on a new challenge and explore how our drone services can provide the data your industry needs.


Streamline your farming operations that include crop spraying, seeding and monitoring using the latest agricultural drone platforms.

Oil & Gas

Our drone thermal imaging sensors can drastically improve safety during the mining, transport, storage and production of oil and gas products.


Services like aerial mapping and volumetric surveys produce accurate, reliable data points for mine sites, storage facilities and prospecting teams.


Capable of measuring with millimetre accuracy, we can provide data to help monitor construction progress and boost worksite efficiency.


Government agencies, the SES and other first responders can all benefit from the real time imaging provided by our emergency response drone services.


With the freedom to fly long distances and access difficult and dense terrain, drones are indispensable to forestry and national parks projects.

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Drone Service Providers Committed to Constant Innovation

We’re obsessive about delivering the best end-to-end drone solutions. To do this effectively, we’re constantly innovating and improving our technology.

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Advanced Aerial Solutions works with support and oversight from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) to provide drone support services. CASA’s oversight of the aviation industry ensures commercial and professional drone pilots always operate safely and effectively when providing drone services. With a team of pilots boasting decades of experience, Advanced Aerial Solutions is proud to say that each of our services complies with CASA regulations. That allows us to provide safe, cost-effective and timely solutions to suit a range of projects and industries. When you work with us, you’ll receive professional services that deliver the powerful data you need to make decisions and improve the outcomes for your next project.

Working with Advanced Aerial Solutions is designed to be as simple as possible. As the experts in our industry, we have the skills and expertise to recommend the right services for your application. During our initial consultation, we will collect as much information as we can about your industry, business and the work you’re doing. From there, we will be able to plan solutions that suit your operation and deliver the data, images, videos and sensor information decision makers need. 

We’re also happy to make time to come and visit you onsite. Drone services aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution, and we love having the chance to get hands-on with the work you’re doing. The more we know, the better we’ll be able to design the solution that suits your requirements.

Staying at the forefront of our industry means we’re continuously upskilling our team. We’re always searching for innovative drone platforms and software that allow us to deliver high quality drone services Australia can rely on. To do that, we work with support from leading drone companies and equipment manufacturers. Many of our drone platforms are manufactured by DJI, but we are always prepared to explore new systems and work with other leading companies.

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